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Automotive -Wash--in-Campo-California-automotive-wash-campo-california-2.jpg-imageDo you think washing a car is simple and quick? Think again. We list a potential list of steps involved below. San Diego Mobile Auto Detail loves washing autos and have been serving the Campo California area for just this reason. San Diego is a great place to live but having a nice clean car is part of the joy of living in Southern California!
To start
Know exactly how much soap to put on so that you get a balanced amount on all parts of the vehicle. If you're unsure, consult the owner's manual or documentation for the vehicle you own.
Use a soft-bristle brush and do not use steel-pliers on the body.
Apply plenty of suds by aiming for the ridges.
Rinse the body properly with clear water.
Pour warm water to clear the vehicle's surface.
Use a separate bucket of soapy water for rinsing the wheels.
Soak the vehicle surfaces for about a half-hour, including the hood, decoration, windshield and tires.
Rinse the soapy water off with clear water.
Dry the vehicle surface with a soft towel before applying wax or car wax.
Take care not to scratch the clear coat on the vehicle's paint.
Applying wax or car wax doesn't have to be as tedious as it may seem. You'll want to acquire the proper tools however before you begin.
Know how and when to apply car wax or car wax.Purchasing the proper tools is another matter. You'll find that you can buy a penetration tool or kit likely to have brush and a multi-step quadrant polishing pad.
You'll also want approximately an half-ounce of either liquid wax or paste wax.
Begin the waxing process by applying a coat of wax on a slightly warmed surface.
Use a damp soft cloth to wipe away any spots.
Apply a second coat of wax on the freshly waxed area.
As you apply coats, apply as abruptly and as quickly as possible.
Use the wax and polish evenly.
After you finish applying wax and polish, wipe away excess wax.
Be sure to wipe down the entire vehicle before you begin using the hard rubber wheel cleaners.
When you wipe down the wheels be sure to utilize cloth or paper towels that are uncoated.
You can now begin to polish the vehicle's wheels.
Use a soft cloth to wipe away the entire wax.
Apply a second coat on the entire wheel.
Apply polish to the entire wheel at least one more time before the touch-ups.
Continue to polish after the wax is completely dried.
Use a terry cloth or white rag to wipe down the dashboard.
Clean the grille and attach washer before installing the final wax.
Apply some car wax to keep your fingertips from brushing against the paint.
Look closely at your work to spot any areas where you think you could be lacking in the application of car wax. If you are lustful after knowing just where to use wax, then proceed.
Using a terry cloth or paper towels, wipe down the entire vehicle.
Apply a thin coat of car wax to the outside of the car including the wheels.
Brake dust method.
Take one single 360 degree turn, then apply wax to the brake disc and brake pads.
Use a towels or cloth to wipe down the wheels.
Apply a second coat of wax to the outside of the car including the wheels
Brake pads.
Do not wax each wheel.
Use a soft cloth or applicator pad to apply polish to the car's wheels.
Polish the entire wheel in one single stroke.
Do not allow polish to dry on the car's surface.
Remove any stickers stuck on the wheel. Read instructions on sticker if you must remove stickers before application.
Over spraying problem.
When applying polish to the inner-liner, try not to get polish into the outer-liner.
An inexpensive car wax is relatively easy to use. It gives a good shine and also protects the paint from rust. I am not aware of any inferior products. If you treat rubber like vinyl, then that is what it is.
This is quite detailed is not it? Just think you can carefully follow this list or instead call San Diego Mobile Auto Detail today. Let us come to you and do all the dirty work! Give us a call today to see how we can help!

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