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Automotive -Wash -And -Wax--in-Pala-California-automotive-wash-and-wax-pala-california.jpg-imageWashing and waxing can be fun activity. It can also be a day long effort in order to get your car looking like you want. We are San Diego Mobile Auto Detail specialize in delivering high quality washing and waxing for the Pala California area. Let us take away the stress and deliver your car to you looking exactly as you hoped!
If instead you want to tackle this beast of a job yourself, we outline some of the steps involved to make this successful.
Use a good quality shampoo product.
Most professional detailers have a range of shampoos they will recommend to you, but don't just stop there. Choose a shampoo that is formulated specifically for cars, and one that requires that water should be added. Most professional detailers will recommend adding water to a damp shampoo, but this is not necessary for the completion of the cleaning task. They will also recommend that you use warm, soapy water. The key to washing your car correctly is to enough of the soap and water getting into that troubled area, to cause mild swirls when the soapy water is wiped away. This will minimize the damage to the paintwork when you follow the directions.
Tip: Look for brands that specifically promote cleaning solutions for all types of finishes.
Use warm, soapy water.
Incidentally, you may also want to look at cleaning products that are "roo good" specifically for cars. These are quite powerful, and will give the wash solution all the heft it needs to effectively clean and protect all types of surfaces found in a vehicle.
Wear good rubber gloves.
Don't forget the hand wash and wax.
Polymers and waxes are bad for cars. They cause serious damage to the clear coat and paintwork. If you have to work on parked cars, park your car in a shady area. USA waxes are designed for mildew protection, but it will still cause damage if left on a heated car.
Apply wax on a dry surface.
You will need a wax applicator pad to apply wax to your car. You may also want to look at spray wax as an alternative. You want to apply wax as tightly as you can without leaving gloss or dripping. You can use a terry cloth, or a chamois to apply wax.
How to Wax-Protect your vehicle to withstand the elements
Wax protects the finish of a car by protecting the paintwork from oxidation. Oxidation occurs when oxygen reacts with the car's paint-work. When you buff your car and wax in raining conditions, you are actually doing the opposite. You are trying to preserve the finish. regularly wash and wax your car to keep it protected.
You may also want to examine the likes and dislikes of vehicle you care about. You might want to find out exactly how good it is on protecting the car from corrosion. Cars that are kept outdoors, like outside in theLA Auto Showdiesel market, can eventually pay for themselves with the extra protection of UV damage and all the corrosion it contacts over the years.
Fix mild scratches in your car's paintwork.
You can easily notice fine scratches and swirl marks as you travel about in your car. Most of them get filled in over time by rainwater. Use a protective layer and buff away the marks. You can use a makeup remover or cleaners foam, then wipe over the area with a soft, clean rag. pretend you are lovingly massaging your face all over the car.
Waxing takes a lot of patience and time. Read the instructions on the wax a few times if need be. It can be a time-consuming process, but it is one of the important steps in the car-care process.
Make sure you don't over wax.
After waxing, let your car cool down (or hang it over a radiator, to let it cool down), before you buff it. Lots of waxes are too heavy and rough which makes them last wonderfully and can leave ugly watermarks on your car.
Collect all the wax out of the reservoir and apply to the car in three coats. Leave the first coat for a longer time than the second one to buff. Third coat is preferable, as it protects the car more efficiently and can be done in one step.
If this sounds daunting, give us a call. We will get a mobile detailer out to you in no time. You will not be disappointed. Give San Diego Mobile Auto Detail a call today!

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