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Automotive -Wash -And -Wax--in-La-Jolla-California-automotive-wash-and-wax-la-jolla-california-4.jpg-imageAutomotive washing and waxing is one of the many services provided for La Jolla California area customers. San Diego Mobile Auto Detail is one of your best choices for automotive car in the San Diego county. Our mobile services actually come to you too! This makes it very easy to accommodate your work or life schedule.
Know exactly how much soap and water you'll be using before you go to the car wash. Don't be in a hurry.
Sporund or spongy soaps are worth the extra cost. Sponges and sponges are indeed cheap thermometers for dirt. They don't contain enough slippery lubrication to effectively wash your car.
Be careful not to pour hot water on your dashboard. As much as it looks inviting, the black vinyl isn't the only surface that can be damaged.
When you're mixing up sponges, don't use one that's too cold or too warm. Don't be tempted to use a product that's too cold to hold in the heat.
Don't use furniture or wall hangers. These items can scratch your car and leave hair line scratches. They also roll of easily, so they can leave behind ugly spots after only a few uses.
For prepared and prepared car care, here are some supplies you may want to consider to keep handy:
Remember: a little preparation goes a long way.
Washing a car is best done when you're on a flat and level surface, in a well lit garage or a cool shaded area. You cannot risk covering an uneven or dirty surface when washing in this way.
When you're at home get all the necessary tools (pot, sponge, etc.) and take several deep spots into the soapy water. Then gradually work your way into the suds. A soft rubber squeegee is best for this job. Start with one spot and work your way towards the other, letting the soapy water run down the surface. You want to do this in a circular motion.
The goal when working in the soapy water is to stroke out the foam. You want to reach a point where the suds stop and terrain no longer exists.
There are two kinds of foam and theygrades. A soft foam and a hard foam. The latter is non-water proofing, and you want to avoid using it if possible. You may also want to use a partial floor mat under the soapy water to prevent dropping the wet sponge into your guy's feet or the crevices in the floor.
A lot of people use dishwashing detergent to wash the car. Don't do it. A high-pressure water hose is more likely culprit than anything else. It may get rid of the dirt spot deposits, but it leaves behind a fine material that scratches the car's finish.
Your car washed in a factory fresh tin can leave you with a glossy finish a quarter of an inch deep. Any dirt you may have left on the car washed in by hand have formed noose-like grooves, and they eat into the finish.
Additionally I would recommend using a wax based car care product for waxing. It gives a better coverage and uses less car soap, but you do get a slightly thicker gloss. apply this to the panels and tail pipe. The reason for this is because dirt and grime is lifted and contaminants are not allowed to adhere to the surface where they can cause light scratches.
Here were just a few tips on how to get the desired effects from a DIY wash and wax job. Better yet, give the professionals at San Diego Mobile Auto Detail a call today to schedule your next automotive wash and wax.

We would love to speak with you so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments.