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Automotive -Wash -And -Wax--in-Fallbrook-California-automotive-wash-and-wax-fallbrook-california-2.jpg-imageWe love automobiles! We love coming to you and doing what we do best. At San Diego Mobile Auto Detail we strive to ensure that every Fallbrook California customer gets the best quality detailing services possible.
Our wash and wax service is a great alternative to doing it yourself. If you are that type of person, please read below for some tips on how to get a nice wash and wax yourself.
Do not wash your car at night
Automobiles classified as black car paint are highly susceptible to degradation via UV light and will fade significantly during an unprotected storage period (3-7 years). As such, your vehicle will take on a faded appearance over time if left unprotected. These kinds of paint finish are easily damaged during hot summer days because of constant running, and it is essential to protect from UV light to ensure that your finish remains a smooth, beautiful car.
Keep your car free from dust and dirt
Keep it free from dirt and dust throughout the year and protect it with all-weather car cover. Incised on the finish by dust and dirt (and the Sun) will inevitably be pressed upon and worsened over time by global warming' global warming and cooling.
Seek professional training
If you're handy with your hands or like to work with cars in general, consider a trade in at a wash n' dry as a car detailing job will be required. Tilling your car will cause it to lose gloss and lustre, and reduce the lifetime of your car finish. Washing your car at home or at work is a far preferred way of doing this as professional detailers like San Diego Mobile Auto Detail will have no problem with your car and its finish.
Invest in a proper600 watt vacuum cleaner. Even if your home car-cleaning efforts are limited by space and tools, a thorough carpet cleaner/shopper is mandatory to remove all those unsightly layer upon layer of trash and junk.They may suggest using something similar to vacuum cleaners this will make short work of these type of stains.
Remember to include storage bags
Furthermore, because you store your car mostly flat (high, sidewall angle, trunk lip, etc.) a bag will help to keep car body temperature in check and free up an otherwise precious drying space. Pre-wet your car surfaces will keep any pre-slosh surface lubricated.
Use a good car shampoo
Be mindful of the amount of water, as much as two gallons every month, the results will vary but usually be disastrous. So, check your water level every time you fill up. Change your engine oil twice a year, once in spring and once in fall. Best of luck, you 'll be glad you did.
Finally, utilize these waterless car wash compacts to eliminate waste water and environmental pollutants at the same time. Since these are made from micro-porous polymers it will not upset engine oil and lubricate the surfaces to the same degree as a lot of ' migrate waxes'. Best of luck, your friendliness and efforts will be much appreciated as you pass posh car shows and enjoy post car show cleanup with your friends on the way home.
If you want, instead give us a call. We will come right out to wherever you want your vehicle washed. The beauty of our mobile auto detailing. At San Diego Mobile Auto Detail we put you first!

We would love to speak with you so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments.