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Automotive -Paint -Restoration--in-Solana-Beach-California-automotive-paint-restoration-solana-beach-california-6.jpg-imageHow is your automotive paint holding up? We at San Diego Mobile Auto Detail specialize in Solana Beach California area automotive paint restoration services. We are experts and love what we do!
The modern day paint finishes are more robust, easily maintained, and therefore offer far more protection.
The modern clear coat is a laminate that comprises a protective layer of urethane laminate over a thin layer of Cut -Off (convealdry). This greatly reduces the risk of oxidation and deterioration over the lamination process.
The modern clear coat is a one-step process. The ar owner either shops locally or goes online to order the lamination. The Clear Coat Kit (the name given to the laminates) is shipped directly from the manufacturer. It includes two pressure washers, two warm air blowers, and two air filters.
The car owner completes a simple in-and-out installation Similar to a spray painting job, the complete installation of the car's new clear coat is a simple, repeated procedure. It doesn't take long, even minutes; and the rewards are immediate.
Enamel, a highly reflective ceramic paint finish is recommended for clear coat applications. If enamel is not an option, favorite products such as Simple Green or PPG's Flaming materials Clear coat paint finish products are great choices.
Once selected and installed, the car reflects stunning paint finishes. Not only does the enamel coating look great, it shines like polished chrome.
Another option for car clear coating is 3M Clear Spray. This clear coat spray is easy to use and allows for superior results. It offers a water resistant shine finish and does not require waiting for days as enamel produces a heavy fog that can hinder your vision.
Before selecting enamel or clear coat, car owners should read product instructions and safety handbooks. While simple spray painting is possible and quick, enamel and 3M Clear Spray are more permanent methods. Enamel can be applied by hand or mechanically. The results are stunning and remain virtually unchanged.
If you have decided on enamel, don't forget that it offers sheen properties not found in enamel. The good news is that enamel is easy to apply and guys have been finding it promiscuous and sexy ever since.
The finish of a new car can be left to show throughout the life of the vehicle. However, post-impression finishes like clear coat and epoxy protect the surface underneath for the life of the vehicle and present dueling benefits to the car owner. Upgrading to clear coat will minimize chips, cracks, and other blemishes in the new clear coat finish. As for epoxy, it has the ability to resist weathering and fading. All-season clear coat is recommended for climates that see a lot of rain during the year.
When it comes to choosing clear coat, the main choices have been industrial fallout vinyl and enamel. The reason why it's clear is obvious; there's no rain drops seen on it. The next question was whether or not it was compatible with automotive paint. While it won't if you've got chrome on your vehicle, clear coat is meant to protect underneath the chrome. Enamel needs to be applied to the upper half of the car in order to guarantee a shiny, wet look. Chrome can only be applied to the lower half.
For trucks, EMA androxy-nano fiber(R) bonding agents must be specified for compatibility.
Well folks, at this point you the potential buyer has three decisions. First, do you want to buy new or used? Second, do you want to customize the look of your vehicle or try to maintain the factory paint job? Third, do you want to modify your registration plate, car wrap, or go complete chrome? Lastly, give San Diego Mobile Auto Detail a call today and let you discuss options where we do the work. This is likely the most efficient choice for you but give us a call and you can decide.
Now, as much history as I may have, I must advise that each of the above choices areVariable!Every manufacturer and paint job is different. Even the same color can be used in a slightly different way by different shops. Epoxy coating and clear coats as well as clear and opaque colors all have different properties. The list is endless. It's all about what is easiest for you. Shop around and look for a quality store before you head out to the first cheap looking place. Remember, you want a quality product. Now I'm not saying that all cheap things are junk, in fact quite the opposite, but that's not always the case. Many items we associate with "cheap" are not always the best thing. And variable things can be far better or worse than variable things. Cheap things can be expensive in the long run. Even on a hundred dollar basis. But some of the things we expect to be able to get a steal. Your decision should be based on more than just price. Quality, finish, or color or even just price. Wait, because that's a given factor in the buying decision.

We would love to speak with you so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments.