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When using older single stage paint, the paint was not always able to be manipulated to the same degree as it can withlate-laminate paint. As you can see, painting anything in an old single stage bodyshell is a technique that only the experts could, but these days, the same technology used to create these special single stage paints can be manipulated in the same way as they were created for the racers in the early days of automotive racing.
When using a single stage paint, the color is carved unto the surface of the bodyshell. This is mixed in with the primer, and other components, to create a masking layer. With these single stages you would have to use inferior putty to create these masks. If the putty was to become dry, it would chip, and the mask would fail.
Now, these single stages can be as thick as 80% with hard enamel. They can even be in the form of "muscle" and "finesse". These require the use of heat, as well, as enamel is quite difficult to apply even to single stage paints. Most of the modern paint mixing capacity utilizes an amiable liquid resin, and thus provides a more continuous application. These thinners provide a more enhanced finish than the thicker paints, making them far more difficult to clean up than enamel paints.
Enamel, however, is still prone to air and water contamination, and require periodic wipe downs. Most of the modern paint mixing facilities have air contamination control and cleaning solutions, and require the contamination can be contained to below the outer coating.
Paint mixing facilities also provide paint trays, ) making it easier to store paints, and since it preserves the linear arrangement of identity of old single stage paints, it makes painting easier. Since painting is easier to accomplish in a straight line than in a circular pattern, it is easier to apply the finished product. Since the paint trays prevent air contamination, the amount of claustrophobic environments in which technicians work with old single stage paints are greatly reduced.
Since the newer paints, they do not leave behind the fine details that the single stage paint has problems with, and are far easier to clean up than enameled products. Since the paint trays provide a smaller surface area for the application of solvents or solvents, modern paint mixing rooms do not have to worry about freezing temperatures. ills and rust
Since the paint mixing room is the place where all the components of the finishes are blended together ( wetting agents, rubbing alcohol, resists, sealants, etc..), older paints are nearly always contaminant free, including metallic rubbing alcohol, brand new paintwork, cellulose limits Rust, mold, corrosion inhibitors, etc...
Newer paints on the other hand sometimes have problems with excess water heating during drying and compression sizing.
Since new paintwork is not as heavily overlap, as the older paints, it is a bit tougher to get into those tight tolerance zones in the older products. If you have ever wondered how some of your new paint opened up and was perfectly straight, after a month or two, that is a sure sign of the superior strength and protection of the newer single stage paint products.
Much like the final finish on a critical piece of legislation, once it is inspected, declared clean, and prepared for signing, the inspection report is prepared not by the department's quality assurance division, but by the individual vendor-ordinarily. The facility where the paint prep is done determines whether the paint will be declared perfect. If the vendor mixes the paint as per the final quality control inspection requirements, and all the stamped parts with inspection confirmations are also prepared, the paint will then be shipped to the appropriate paint workers down the road. Give San Diego Mobile Auto Detail a call today and see how we can help you!

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