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Automotive -Paint -Protection -Ceramic -Coating--in-Boulevard-California-automotive-paint-protection-ceramic-coating-boulevard-california-4.jpg-imageWhat is an Automotive Paint Protection Ceramic Coating provided by San Diego Mobile Auto Detail? We use a ceramic coating that is industrial-grade and acts as a chemical polymer solution. We apply the solution to the exterior of your vehicle to protect it from external paint damage. Typically applied by hand, it blends with the paint of your car and creates an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. A Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by to the exterior of a vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicles original factory paint, creating an extra layer of protection. San Diego Mobile Auto Detail is an expert at applying ceramic coating and has worked with many other Boulevard California customers for just this service!
These materials are transferants. Which means they are permanent until they are baked or cooled to a certain point. When they are applied by hand, the transferant becomes partially invisible because it is transferred physically, instead of chemically, to the paint. The methods of applying Ceramic coatings to vehicles are accomplished in various ways, with the two most commonly used being industry-grade and low-cost.
Is It Affordable? Industry-grade Ceramic coatings can be found for fair to moderate pricing if purchased on your own. Areas such as engine body kits, front-end guards, air dam and trunk flushes. Their cost is comparable to that of paint or decals. While industry-grade was a reasonable choice for many, particularly for modifiers, it should be avoided if you have a need for more durable coatings, or for a one-time purchase, such as for an engine conversion to protect an engine from abuse. For consumers considering low-cost coatings, you do have to consider the type of finish or finish coatings will achieve. Depending on finish, quality of job can be achieved and if you have a finish that is not as durable, you may choose to look for a more economical application. For instance, if you only need a simple paint beautification, like for an engine conversion, you may choose to purchase a basic body cover for your car. However, if you are looking for more durable products, you will have use to pay more. This is particularly true if you have purchased a re-painted or slightly damaged car. San Diego Mobile Auto Detail uses top quality products and saves you the process of research and paying too much for something of less quality.
Interior / Exterior Colors and Finish -- Variable factors. The outside of a vehicle is exposed to the elements awhile on the road and the elements dramatically effect the look of the vehicle. An application of Ceramic paper, either by hand or with the machine, will ensure a hassle free protection of the vehicle's interior surfaces. Many consumers want to avoid stains, peeling or presenting a frosted finish on their minivans, sports utility vehicles, and trucks. Depending on where you live, a single coat of ceramic can cost anywhere from ten dollars to upwards of fifteen dollars for a small commercial vehicle. furnished and ready-to-use ceramic floor and cargo liners as well as sunproofing and interior designs are all potential solutions to help minimize the "Pay Car Wash" factor. You want your investment in this industry to result in consistent consumer satisfaction for years and decades to come.

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