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Automotive -Leather -Treatment--in-Imperial-Beach-California-automotive-leather-treatment-imperial-beach-california.jpg-imageWhen it comes to cleaning leather car seats the knuckle-bones are one of the most neglected parts. The bottom of your shoes/boots/boots/shoes etc will run dry and will give that seemingly dirty look to your car. And that is just wet from wiping on a wet ground, or slightly dirty from some road grime. San Diego Mobile Auto Detail has been giving automotive leather treatments in the Imperial Beach California area for a long time and our customers know they can trust and depend on our quality treatments.
So, to help keep your leather car seats looking good you need to keep up the maintenance on them.
Cleaning Products to Consider
For best results, work light and condition your leather car seats. Lighter leather will look cleaner and condition better. To clean you can either hand or machine.
Clean up surface dirt with a good quality leather cleaner, make sure it doesn't dry clean like Simple Green and instead actually wipe clean using a soft micro fibre cloth. Micro fiber clump mitts are excellent and can be used to clean large areas easily.
For best results hand soap to remove moisture and pH neutral soaps (these are slightly less harmful to leather). A designated leather cleaner or soap of some kind will look its best and help condition your leather seats.
Choosing Leather Seats
Leather is a popular choice for car interiors. It is comfortable and can be slippery when wet. The key to removing moisture and lubricant build up from the surface is to use a good quality leather cleaner and conditioner. Good quality leather cleaners and conditioners are available at quite a cheap price so competition for a good crop is fairly low.
It is best to use either a men's or women's product. Depending on the type of leather your seats are coated in, leather conditioners particular lubricants will be required and simply best suited, if you have carpentaries or DIY leather cleaners.
Before purchasing a leather cleaner ask if it is indeed natural or manmade and how long the manufacturer has used or stored it in your region. Cheap generic cleaners of the past did not use the best quality products so the ingredients were not good for your leather and this is now reflected in the replacements you get now.
What to Watch Out For
There are key molecules which form stick on surfaces and break down over time. Make sure the cleaner or conditioner that you are replacing has the shelf life of at least six months. The key to keeping your leather clean is to remove surface contaminants as soon as they are recognized.
Before you purchase a leather cleaner ask the dealer or seller what type of cleaning aid they recommend. These days a mix of conditioner and cleaner is included with the leather cleaner in the kit.
The other thing to be aware of is mineral deposits. These type of deposits can either be whats causing the poor finish or just be contaminants that are stay-at-home-and-dry-when-lubricated-with-the-extra-ml of-your-leather-cleaner. mineral deposits look real bad, and when left for six months can break the finish down.
Cleaners are relatively cheap and relatively good to be placed on the surface of your leather seats. Be sure to use a cleaner that is specifically designed for the type of leather that is being used. Also, ask your dealer or seller what types or brands of leather cleaners that they are using.
Investing in a custom-fit leather cleaner is important to keeping your leather seats looking good for longer. Ask your dealer or seller what products they recommend for your type of leather.

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