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San Diego Mobile Auto Detail Automotive Clay Bar Treatment Services

Automotive-Clay-Bar-Treatment--in-Julian-California-automotive-clay-bar-treatment-julian-california.jpg-imageSan Diego Mobile Auto Detail offers professional automotive clay bar treatment services for residents of Julian, California. Our team of experienced and skilled technicians use high-quality products to provide a deep clean that removes contaminants from the surface of your vehicle's paint.

Our clay bar treatment service is designed to remove stubborn dirt, grime, and other impurities that regular washing cannot eliminate. The process involves using a special type of detailing clay which gently lifts away any particles embedded in the clear coat or paintwork without causing damage.

We begin by thoroughly washing your car with soap and water before applying our specialized lubricant solution onto small sections at a time. We then glide the clay over each section until we feel it has removed all contamination leaving behind an ultra-smooth finish on every inch of your vehicle’s exterior surfaces.

The result is an incredibly smooth surface free from roughness or bumps caused by debris buildup such as tree sap, tar spots or brake dust - giving you back that showroom shine!

At San Diego Mobile Auto Detail, we take pride in providing exceptional customer service while delivering top-notch results for every client who trusts us with their vehicles. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!