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Automotive -Clay -Bar -Treatment--in-Jacumba-California-automotive-clay-bar-treatment-jacumba-california-3.jpg-imageAutomotive clay bar products are carefully selected and tested by the San Diego Mobile Auto Detail professionals. They are all tested on a C/N ratio (cold- lotion oxidancy) to further reduce their flexibility. We have used our special processes on tons of Jacumba California customers. Give us a try and see the difference we can make with your auto!
Clay bars are highly versatile and applications vary. They can be used to clean wheels well as they provide excellent passion glass cleaner. In fact, auto detailers recommend them for a "wide" cleaning action.
The main goal with auto clay usage is to quickly and safely remove surface contaminants. They are not designed to be scrubbing pads and can be used for pre-soak, or on a regular basis when certain vehicles need a more thorough cleaning. Pre-soak may be when you want a more thorough cleaning and post-soak when you want to maintain a " Sharper" finish or even just lubricate your vehicle?s surfaces to help reduce friction.
The impact of using automotive clays in a vehicle is to quickly and gently remove surface contaminants without the hazards of potential damage. It provides a "low touch" cleaning action that provides a non-abrasive cleaning action that dries the surface so that a vehicle is not actually touchy to the touch.
When used for pre-soaking, automotive clays form an extremely slick surface that prevents contaminants from sticking. It is used with a damp sponge or micro fiber applicator pad. Most clays have a smooth and slick surface similar to a someone's hand so there is no dangerous touching during application.
The main purpose of a clay bar is to get a non-abrasive, smooth surface to which to pre-soak. When you use it post-soak, the surfaces are not wet and so are much less hazardous. They are also made from materials that pose less of a risk in case of accidents, such as aluminum.
There are two kinds of auto clays: a wet auto clay and a dry auto clay.
Dry auto clays are less common than wet clays and are only found in paint industries. Auto clays made from aluminum alloy, for instance, are made of soft dura-cooled sandpaper. They have a smooth and slick feel and loose gripping qualities, perfect for scrubbing and finishing after a wash.
Dry auto clays also have scratch resistant surfaces and feathering, which is mostly caused by post-soak squeaks. They are mostly used by car wash operators as they remove stubborn residue, cleans valves, jaw lines and muscles.
If you have ever used an electric buffer with soap and water pre-soaks, then you are already familiar with a clay bar. They are used primarily for their scratch-less smoothness and increased water-retention.
Most clay bars have a brown, orange, or tea-tree slicks or stains. They also look noticeably different from their parent materials.
When choosing an automotive clay bar kit, remember that there is a little levity involved. While a clayed auto is typically used for a final finishing touch on larger vehicles, a clay bar is chiefly used for cosmetic repairs of the hood, trunk, and sides of small trucks and cars.

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