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Automotive -Clay -Bar -Treatment--in-Chula-Vista-California-automotive-clay-bar-treatment-chula-vista-california-2.jpg-imageClaying a vehicle will actually improve the appearance and condition of the vehicle. clay is a bit like sandpaper and will remove those things that your paint has lost and gummed up over time. It is much easier to use a clay bar and will actually lift or pull loose reside. Once removed, all the components are treated to make them look fresh and new again. San Diego Mobile Auto Detail is a local expert of clay bar treatments. We have exceptional experience and satisfaction with our Chula Vista California customers.
Using a clay bar do not require that you could be physically restrained and has been shown to be just as effective as chemical etching. It can cost several hundred dollars toiselittle down a vehicle but it will be well worth the cost when you see how great your vehicle looks after being clay bar treated.
Before treating a vehicle with a clay bar, the treatment surface area is wetened with a light coating of clay. Generally, a cone or disk shaped piece of clay is employed. The clay is churned up and released at a high speed into the affected area of the paintwork.
The clay bar will then glide across the surface of the vehicle. It captures any high contaminants that you may have missed, lifting them out. Having captured them, the clay bar proceeds to smoother down the surface again.
As the clay bar runs over the surface, it will leave an effect similar to an oiled shave. This allows any loose contaminants to be caught and pulled back into the grain of the clay bar. Many professionals use a clay bar on vehicles for a very specific reason. A clay bar will allow the paintwork to remain in a great condition and will also hide any imperfections that you may notice, getting rid of them.
Clay has long been used by car paint manufacturers and usually contains some form of ammonia. Few professional detailers feel that they need to treat their vehicles with a clay bar for the time being. But a clay bar treatment is now being used by many detailers and car owners to improve the look of their vehicles and prolong the life of the paintwork. The clay bar treatment is relatively damage resistant and can be used again and again.
Before claying a vehicle, a good wash with soap and water is important to remove all loose dirt and contaminants. Fine dirt gets washed away with the soap and water, but those that are heavier and more bulky can be thoroughly removed using a clay bar.
Before claying a vehicle, a paper wash product should be used. This is as important for a clay bar wash as it is for a conventional car wash to remove grime and light contamination.
Clay bars can be used in conjunction with high glide, soft or spongy wash clothes and do a great job of massaging the surface of the vehicle.
A clay bar treatment can also be considered for an oil or water wash, but there are other alternatives and some soap products will work just as well. The most important thing to know is that nothing can take the lubrication off of a polished surface thatcar detailingis all about.

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