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Automotive -Clay -Bar -Treatment--in-Cardiff-By-The-Sea-California-automotive-clay-bar-treatment-cardiff-by-the-sea-california.jpg-imageSan Diego Mobile Auto Detail is your go-to for Cardiff By The Sea California area mobile auto-detailers. We specialize in clay bar treatments and are quick to get to your location.
When it comes to clar bar treatments, only the shape of the clay bar is important. The clay bar will clay only the area in need of smoothing and polishing. Since there is no real improvement in terms of pollutants, the real purpose of using a clay bar on your car is to remove everything to only leave the smooth areas.
The real advantages of using a clay bar are as follows:

  • Clay reduces road grime, promotes effortlessly and brings a new sheen to the paint.
  • clay helps to reduce water spots and surface oxidation.
  • claying evens out and corrects the surface imperfections, deep scratches, and surface oxidation.
  • drastically reduces odors.
  • It is non-toxic and biodegradeable.

While the advantages of using a clay bar are very clear, we must not forget the bad points of using a clay bar.
  • It is not easy to use claying as a regular polishing tool.
  • There is a risk of damaging the clear coat on the paint. Fortunately, a clay bar will not scratch the paint. We love clay bar treatments are always amazed and happy with the results we get!

So if you have decided on using a clay bar on your car, the next step is to select the right one for you. There are hundreds of brands in the market. Your first step should be to examine the surface of the clay bar to figure out if it will work best for you. After selecting the right surface, your next step is to test it.
You can use a piece of clay bars to test the clay before actually using it for its functional capacity. This is a good thing to do. This step is crucial to find out if there are any difficulties in using the product.
You can use a terry cloth or micro fiber towel to do a thorough exam of the surfaces of the car.
Clay bars have multiple applications. They are very useful for removing compound scuffs, scratches, oxidation, and other light colored stains. Sometimes even hard stains are removed with clay. It is a great product to be used in conjunction with a clay bar.
Before using any type of detailing product, you must first apply a clay bar all over the surface of the car. Be sure to rub it into the surface, and feel all areas of the paintwork to check for any smooth areas that can be matte. If you find any flaky, rough or excessively smooth areas, you should not use the product.
What you should find on a clay bar:
  • A non- abrasive non-petroleum based polymer clay
  • Good lubrication
  • 320 - 400 F
  • potash, Maxicarb, Turpentine
  • Isopropyl alcohol, Chlorinated Paraffins

Clay manufacture requires a licensed shop to produce the polymeritives that are used in the formula of the bar. The polymer, polymers, and alcohols in a clay bar product are all susceptible to chemical upset, and chemical additives like borates or lithium are added to prevent this. If you feel this is too complicated or a lot to process, give San Diego Mobile Auto Detail a call today and get a quick quote. Trust us, it is a great peace of mind leaving to the professionals who have served many Cardiff By The Sea California customers. You will be happy to chose us!
This is similar to the process of making soap. Remember, soap is made by polymerizing and Cookiing the oils and other ingredients.
The clay bar cleans the paintwork, and its surface conditioning properties provide a good, non-abrasive lubrication. Most clay bar products call for a light, yet fairly heavyhelping hand. You should be holding the clay bar about 2 to 3 inches (5 inch to 8 inch) from the surface of the vehicle, so that the clay bar will not elevate above the paintwork, and diminish the effects of any forces of drag, like wings or cars that pass behind.
Before starting the clay bar operation, make sure the vehicle is parked completely level, with the wheels turned to the outside of the car.
Clay bars operate on the same principle as drags. While drags are mechanical drag generators that produce unsustainable drag forces on the body of the carling, clay bars produce sustainable forces that balance the car and enhance the drag possibilities.
To start the operation, mix the necessary quantity of clay bar. Mix a portion of motor oil with a portion of motor grease. Part two of the equation is added to the bucket of the clay bar, and you have some wet Dynamite! Depending on the weight of the vehicle, you have slightly more clay than required.
Now, using a powerful jet of water from your vehicle's cooling system, pump the soapy water into the bucket of the clay bar. The water will generate a thick solid mixture of Charismasmonde that literally falls from the sky!
The third portion of the formula requires a bit more work. A soft wool doughnut shaped stirring stick is dipped into the equation, and guided into the well of the finer grit section of the clay bar.

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